Winter Beauty Fashion. Girl in Warm Clothes on a SnowstormWith extreme weather patterns ranging from coast-to-coast, our Undercover Agents are combating everything from windburn and dry scalp to chapped lips and cracked hands.  We decided to ask the experts from some of the world’s most glamorous spas to share their favorite winter skincare remedies, as they suggest which treatments to book to banish them!

·         Dry Skin
Expert Tip: “An easy, natural way to keep skin from drying out is to drink plenty of water daily, and be consistent with moisturizer,”  shares Lindsey Neeley, Assistant Spa Director at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Spa.
Suggested Remedy: experience the Illuminating Mineral Facial; mineral-enriched products from the healing waters of Budapest are massaged into the face, rehydrating dry skin.

·         Sun and Wind Burn
Expert Tip: “Use chamomile tea to ease the discomfort of burned skin. The tannins offer anti-inflammatory properties that relieve and calm the sense of burn, ” says César Sánchez, Spa Manager of the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose.
Suggested Remedy: enjoy an Antioxidant Facial; ingredients rich with antioxidants hydrate burned skin, combat premature aging and provide a healthy glow.

·         Dry Scalp
Expert Tip:  Gabie Holloway, director of SoSPA at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, suggests, “Massage your scalp to enhance circulation and help produce natural oils for a healthy, happy scalp and silky soft hair.”
Suggested Remedy:  try a Pure Tranquility Head and Scalp Treatment; a localized acupressure massage nourishes hair, while also alleviating headaches. Read more of this story »



Do you remember GE’s Portable Hair Dryer?  The Curler Cradle? Tip Top Rollers and Curler Tape?  Don’t be alarmed!  These relics of the past are simply part of our new Way Back Wednesdays series.  Today, many of these tools have been replaced by Self-Grip Velcro Rollers, Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver, and Conair’s Extreme Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers.  We were delighted to learn that Conair still makes a tabletop dryer, the Conair Pro Style Hard Hat, for those of us multitasking or trying to shut out the rest of the world.  That way we can still set our hair while doing a DIY manicure!

What are your favorite beauty blasts from the past?




By Zoe Moon

Each month has a theme in our new year of 2016 and February is about aspirations, original ideas, causes, social connections, and freedom. So as you paint the picture of your dream year, how do you stand in these arenas of life? Is there something new you’d like to do with current friends or groups or have you thought you needed to make new friends or join/start a new group? What about your charitable contributions and causes, is there something you feel strongly enough about to give up some of your time and get in there and do what is required to make this place a better place to be for others? What about your online presence, do you need to brighten up your website or make a decision about how much time you are online with others? Is it time to free yourself from a rut, break out of an old paradigm, detach yourself from a person or situation that is holding you back, or reinvent yourself on some level within the boundaries of your current situation? What is your dream and what are you doing about making it a reality? If you get nothing else out of this month ahead, this will do it, so ask yourself these questions throughout the month, this is your divine timing.

The NEW MOON on the 8th will open up a 2 week chapter that will help you launch into anything new or next level with these friends, groups, internet, astrology, charity, gathering, social networking, aspiration, freedom, or original themes. You can catch a wave that can take you further now and over time ahead by getting proactive about what you want to put in motion now about these themes.

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