Lip Service

This reality star “filled up” while enjoying a family vacation in Los Angeles this week.

Hint:  Known for her stunning figure, the mother of six, has admitted to having both breast augmentation and a tummy tuck.  However, she has frequently denied undergoing the knife on her face.

In any event, can you guess who she is?




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SPAWe all enjoy the thought of a luxurious spa vacation, but are often short on time and money.  That’s why we decided to ask the experts from a number of leading hotel spas for their favorite DIY tips and professional treatments:


Tip: “Caffeine is to cellulite as Kryptonite is to Superman: its worst enemy. Recycle those coffee grounds and give yourself a daily scrub followed by a rich moisturizer to combat those lumps and bumps.” Sharla Martin, Spa Director at The Windsor Court Hotel.

Treatment: Summer Regal Retreat – A detoxifying treatment that begins with dry brushing of the body to release toxins, followed by an invigorating full body coffee scrub and steam shower to slough all the unwanted dead skin from your body. The transformational effect finishes with a stimulating ginger oil massage and spine revitalizing mask.

Cracked Heels/Feet

Expert Tip: Wearing sandals too often can crack the skin around your heel. This summer, maintain skin’s elasticity with a mineral exfoliator. It will act like a soap and leave you with a baby soft skin – Christophe Champs, Studio Manager at the Metropole Espa Monte-Carlo.

Treatment: The Black Diamond Scrub by Réverence de Bastien (created by Bastien Gonzalez, famed “pedicurist to the stars”) is a mineral foaming scrub combining black diamond, particles of mother of pearl and black volcanic sand for a natural exfoliation that clears away dead skin cells, leaving feet smooth and silky.
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Let’s face it, most of us are working our beauty on a budget.  But where should we splurge and where can we save?  Dr. Karen Hammerman from Schweiger Dermatology Group shares some of the least expensive things you can do to achieve a gorgeous, million dollar complexion.

1. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is one of the best techniques you can perform on your own skin to resolve skin issues as well as to achieve healthy and glowing skin. When you rid the skin of dry skin cells on the surface, you’re creating a smooth and healthy canvas that allows for better absorption of your skincare products.

2. Invest in washcloths: Using a fresh washcloth every time you cleanse your face may sound luxurious, but it’s an easy and inexpensive way to guarantee gorgeous skin. “Using a dirty washcloth to wash or dry your face could introduce dirt and bacteria back onto your skin,” says Dr. Hammerman. She suggests buying muslin cloths to aid in facial cleansing that do the double duty of manually exfoliating the skin.

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